Advantages of Townhouse Sash Windows

Fire Escape Window

The Townhouse Sash Window is ideal as a fire escape window. While the bottom half can open fully in, at the same time the top half can open fully out, giving a full open space to escape from in the event of a fire. While some of the present day vertically sliding sash windows can open both sashes to the side, this is achieved with some difficulty. It is also important to note that while the traditional sliding sash window slides up and down, it lacks the compression of our newly designed Townhouse Sash Window. This is due to the fact that our window has compression against the main frame, outside sash and against the seals by way of an espag type lock wedging system which accommodates same. This gives a compression seal, which is a great advantage in terms of:

  • Air tightness
  • Water permeability
  • Wind resistance

This compressed sealing system which in itself is not new in a standard casement type window, is new to this type of window. While traditional vertically sliding sash windows in UPVC, wood or other materials get a very poor energy rating, this window can achieve the top energy rating.

Manufacturing, materials and labour cost advantage

Because of its simplicity in design, it has fewer moving parts and profiles than that of a traditional sliding sash window. It does not require spring balances where traditional windows require four, plus attachments that have to be supplied individually to suit the different weights of different sash sizes. In traditional sliding sash windows, all these different parts are time consuming to attach, our window will save in labour as well as cost. To open a conventional sliding sash window for fire escape access requires a lot of extra gear which is both expensive and labour intensive. Overall, while the Townhouse Sash Window does not slide, it is a more reliable, has lower labour and material costs, yet will look the same as a traditional sliding sash window.

Servicing and longevity

Due to fact that the window does not have balancing springs, which eventually slacken or break, it is both simple and cost effective to manufacture and service, saving in labor as well as cost. The window is not a sliding sash window and therefore cannot get caught in a sliding position, which commonly happens in a traditional sliding sash window. The only adjustments necessary for a Townhouse Sash Window are to the hinges and catches which is very simple, i.e. low maintenance.

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