Townhouse Sash Window Design Features

Clever Design

The Townhouse Sash Window has very few moving parts compared to a traditional sliding sash window. The Townhouse Sash window is a very clever yet simple design. It does not require spring balances where a conventional sliding sash requires four of these, with various weight strengths to suit the different weights of various sash sizes, nor does it require attachments that have to be supplied individually to suit the different weights. Due to fact that the window does not have balancing springs, which eventually slacken or break, it is both simple and cost effective to manufacture and service, saving in labour as well as cost. The window is not a sliding sash window and therefore cannot get caught in a sliding position, which commonly happens in a traditional sliding sash window. The only adjustments necessary for a Townhouse Sash window are to the hinges and catches which is very simple, i.e. low maintenance.

Features, Colours and Extras

The Townhouse Sash Window comes in several configurations, finishes and features. The Townhouse Sash Window can come with an arch, with sidelights, in bay and bow style or a double Townhouse design. We produce the window in many different finishes, in a natural rich ivory cream, in white or from our wood-grain finishes like golden oak, rosewood and dark green. Dual colour is also an option, for example why not try cream on the interior with dark green on the exterior, this option is popular. Different features include Georgian bars, either surface mounted or internally placed between the glass panes. Georgian bars give the window a period look. Surface mounted Georgian bars can be arranged in a Georgian pattern or just a single vertical bar. Surfaced mounted Georgian bars really make the Townhouse Sash Window standout. Extra features for the window include double gasket seals, gold and chrome locks, gold and chrome hinges, night latch, heavy duty hinges and adjustable locks.

Window Colour Options

Anthracite Grey
Silver Grey
Agate Grey
Basalt Grey
Light Cream
Chartwell Green
Golden Oak
Dark Green
Extruded Cream
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