Townhouse Windows Gallery

New Builds & Replacements

The Townhouse Sash Window are a stunning uPVC windows in the style of a uPVC sliding Sash window. As can be seen from the gallery the Townhouse Sash Window looks great in contemporary new builds, traditional homes, rustic cottages, farmhouse style houses and restorations. Unlike a typical uPVC sliding sash window the Townhouse Sash Window was carefully designed with aesthetics in mind to be a beautifully designed uPVC windows. The sliding sash style window will always compliment older houses of a certain style, but with our creative designers and by using modern materials the window looks the part in contemporary buildings too. People are looking for something different to the usual old uPVC casement windows, they want something with a bit of character, that will turn heads and the Townhouse Sash Window will do exactly that. This means that putting the Townhouse Sash Window into a new build home, or replacement job will give these buildings a huge lift and make them stand out.


The Townhouse Sash Window comes in 2 standard colours from the extrusion machine. This is smooth white and smooth cream. These colours are standard and the best price. These colours are very popular, smooth cream or rich Ivory being the most popular option. Rich Ivory has the happy knack of complimenting so many other colours. It matches up nicely to red, grey, green, white and black. For example, a red door with a cream frame and cream windows works very well. These colours compliment each other beautifully. The Townhouse Sash Window comes in 2 standard colours and then 13 additional colours. This is achieved by applying a laminate foil finish to the profile. The laminate foil finish comes from a German company called Renolit, they are industry leaders. These laminate foils will not fade and are extremely durable. These finishes all have a wood grain effect with golden oak looking exactly like the real thing. The colours include Anthracite grey and Basalt grey. Basalt grey is a lighter grey and many of our customers now prefer it to the darker Anthracite grey that is seen in a lot of buildings. The window itself can be made large or small and in different configurations. Starting with a single window, for a larger space add a single to get a double, add another to get a triple depending on how large the space is. Another option for a larger space is to add sidelights to a single window. This is probably the best option for a wider space as the single with side light looks particularly well proportioned. There is also the option of different colours in the handles and sash locks. These include, chrome, gold and smokey chrome.

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