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The Townhouse Sash Window is a patented design – different to a sliding sash window – unique to the Irish market. The window is designed in the style of a sliding sash window but opens in a different way. From the outside the window looks just like a sliding sash window, but instead of sliding up and down it opens out and in. The top sash opens out and the bottom sash opens in. This gives full fire escape access, but also ensures that the window has a compression seal, making it 100% airtight. This is unique for sliding sash windows that are notorious for allowing air leakage.

Best Priced Window

The Townhouse Sash Window is a solid, robust window that is beautiful and elegant in design but without the large price tag and any of the inherent problems that sliding sash windows give. The Townhouse window makes a statement, it will immediately stand out in any home and become a real feature. The window is a very clever yet simple design with very few moving parts, which allows for the production of a cost effective product. It is the best priced window of its type on the market. Combine these facts with the UPVC material it is made from, makes for a low maintenance product. The Townhouse has performance ratings far and above traditional sliding sash windows. The airtight compression seals give zero air leakage and zero water permeation, leading to an A- rated window that also has full fire escape access. The Townhouse window has a seven chamber mainframe making it very strong. The multi chambered frame helps give a high energy rating leading to low U – Values.

UKAS approved BFRC Testing

The weather tightness classification tests were performed by Buildcheck, an independent test centre in the UK, and were performed in accordance with the following standards:

  • Air permeability tests in accordance with BS EN 1026:200o
  • Water tightness test in accordance with BS EN 1027:2000
  • Wind resistance tests in accordance with BS EN 12211:2000
  • Exposure category classification in accordance with BS 6375-1:2009 (clauses 6, 7 and 8)

This report records the test data and documents all of the calculations in accordance with the equations contained within the above standards.

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